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To Be Advised

If you are looking for inspiration, strength and courage to bring awareness into your life and the world you interact with, then David Coles Live is for you. Interact in conversations rich with wisdom, compassion and intelligence.

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Emotionally Vegan

The Premise Are you Vegan-ready to listen, feel, share and expand? Humanity has been attempting to create unity on planet earth since the dawn of consciousness. The reason we have been unable to manifest such an essential quality, is beca...


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Learn how to navigate the Insanity of Humanity

This is


The Steps

The Steps

Conversations with Politicians, Police and Protestors....

The Pier

The Pier

Do we really appreciate nature? With David Coles....


The Need For Compassion

With David Coles, featuring Philip Wollen....



What are we doing to our home? Animation by Steve Cutts....

Human Compassion

Human Compassion

The greatest minds connecting in one truth....

The truth can be seen.



David Coles Host
David worked for many years as a professional Talkback Radio Announcer in Australia in the 90’s. This experience offered him a privileged seat of insight into human behaviour and it inspired a journey into becoming one of the world’s leading human behaviour specialists. As a profound thinker and inspiring speaker, David will expand your mind and captivate your heart.

The Vegan Counsellor
Dean Baker Producer
aka MacGyver, Dean works stuff out. Disillusioned after years of chasing ‘the dream’, he finally faced reality and began a journey of exploration into understanding this weird experience we call life. He is building a life of integrity and compassion, building websites and utilising technology with the sole purpose of sharing what he has learned – to feel beyond self! Because let’s face it, it is our selfish thinking that is destroying our home.

Apoorva Madan Researcher
Apoorva is somewhat of an anomaly in this world, evidenced by her childhood (aged 6) awareness, that the chicken on her plate was once a living being with the desire to live, just like her. This ignited a journey of realisation about the power of individual choice, and the capacity of our choices to significantly impact humanity, our fellow earthlings, and our planet. This awareness led Apoorva to attaining her Honours in Psychology: “By better understanding our behaviour and minds, we all have the ability to choose knowledge over ignorance, kindness over cruelty and make the connection.”

Humans helping Humans… If you are a listener to this show then you too can help us by promoting each new show far and wide. You “The Audience” are the key and you have the power to build this show, and to unite with other Humans to create a powerful expression of truth, compassion and strength, by all meeting here to listen to each other, feel together and share with others. Communication is vital.. so lets talk!

WHO ELSE What can you do?
We are always looking for inspirational people to help bring new ideas and dynamic skills to the development and growth of David Coles Live. Please get in contact with us if this is you.

The truth can’t hurt you, only your resistance to it.

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